Things I should start watching?

So I’m thinking maybe its time I caved and watched bbc Sherlock? It does look good but at the same time I know its full of angst and there is gonna be a big wait until a new series. So I could leave it until nearer the time. Worth it?

Also I think I might make a fresh attempt at Doctor Who. By all logic it is something I should like and yet…the bits I’ve seen I couldn’t get into it eh. But my plan is to start from the beginning (and by that I mean the original first doctor) and work forwards. Maybe I just need context/backstory more. I do hate not watching things chronologically. 

  1. iknowwhoselineitis answered: Sherlock is definitely worth it.
  2. slashcapades answered: Yes. Both. Sherlock is fantastic. As far as DW is concerned, it might take a few episodes for you to like it. But it’s fantastic overall!
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